Most people who want to increase their website’s performance face problems such as slow loading and DDOS attacks, or the website is not always available and uses a lot of bandwidth, which with the help of CDN, we can solve these problems.

What is CDN

In essence, this means a content distribution network that allows you to get data from the central server to the nearest CDN server so that the user can access the website content more quickly.

What Is A CDN And How Does It Help To A Website?

What Is A CDN And How Does It Help To A Website?

How CDN Works?

The CDN, or content distribution network, does this to make it easier for the user to access the websites’ content, using servers spread across different geographical locations. You can do it as fast as a user is close to the central server and get website information faster.
But how does CDN do it? The website you want to visit, this technology stores the content on the website on global servers that when you enter the website, the stored data will be load from the site using the nearest CDN server at high speed, and you can see the site contents.
You do not need to spend more time loading the website, and you can easily access the website; you can also check the different speeds of loading a website while using CDN or without CDN. You can use websites such as Pingdom and GTmetrix to test the speed of your website.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A CDN?

Not only can you use CDN to speed up your website loading, but you can also use it as a defense against DDOS attacks.

Advantages of using a CDN

  1. Increased loading and display time of web pages
  2. Increase customer or visitor satisfaction of a website